Handheld Concrete Grinder BS-180-EL-P

Power 2.6 kW
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz, 16A
Motor Speed 2’200 rpm
Working Width 180 mm
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The Handheld Grinder BS-180-EL-P electric is a brushless “POWER UNIT” designed to achieve the highest standard in Floor Grinding on Concrete and natural Stone Surfaces. Where you have difficulties to reach areas like bathrooms, kitchens, washing rooms but also ramps and small garages. With 2.6 kW and the New Innovative Dust-Hood is a real Power Unit for Professionals. Ideal for renovation work where space is tight.


  • Removal of adhesives and rubber deposits, mortar, asphaltic gypsum, Latex, acrylic coatings, Epoxy, Painting
  • Grinding of small Surfaces, Edges, Corners and Stairs
  • Stripping Markings, Irregularities, Adhesives


Compact and light weight single disc grinder  for surface preparation. Very effective and easy to operate. Very powerful Tool fitted with Suction Port.

180 mm Diamond Disc BS-180-045-1 for concrete surfacing, removing of remnants.

Special Dust Hood BS-180-199 with flip top front for Edge Grinding.

Dust-Hood to protect workers from hazardous material dust. Replaceable Wear Straps.

1) Multi Fit Vacuum Cleaner Port
2) Adjustable built in air vent for suction control
3) Self levelling due to Diaphragm for the best surface contact


  • Anti-Vibration Handle
  • Sturdy, flexible Dust Hood 
  • Vacuum Port 
  • Brushles electric Motor, almost Maintenance-Free, Full Power and Long Live
  • Ideal for Dry Grinding
  • Compact design, Easy to use.


Balancer for easy overhead work. Wall cleaning and maintenance.


Power2.6 kW
Voltage230 V / 50 Hz, 16A
Motor Speed2’200 rpm
Grinding Plate180 mm
Weight6.7 kg
Delivery contentHandheld Grinder AT-891-001
 Special Dust Hood with Opening for Edge Grinding BS-180-199
 Anti-Vibration Handle
 Diamond Disc BS-180-045-1
 Face Spanner Wrench BS-125-058
 Operating manual and spare parts list