Corner and Stair Grinder RS-60-EL-P

Power 1.32 kW
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Motor Speed 2’800 – 10’000 rpm (infinitely adjustable)
Working Width 60 mm
Weight 3.72 kg
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The RS-60-EL-P electric Hand Grinder for edge and staircase refurbishment is equipped with a tightly mounted dust hood in the AIRTEC “DUST-AWAY” design for optimum substrate preparation right up to the corner. The compact and handy powerhouse is ideal for concrete and natural stone surfaces, especially where hard-to-reach surfaces can be found, such as bathrooms, washrooms, stairs, and old buildings and garages. Also ideally suited for use on facades, walls, and even ceilings, weighs only 3.72 kg.


Works up to the edges and also very close to the corners!

  • Removal of adhesives, rubber residues, mortar, gypsum, latex, acrylic coatings, and epoxy

  • Sanding of small surfaces, edges, corners, and stairs


The RS-60-EL-P diamond Grinder for edge-level and angle-friendly work is equipped with a practical and tight-fitting metal dust hood. The ideal tool for daily use with hard-to-reach objects, such as angles, corners, edges, and stairs.

60 mm diamond disc for the processing of surfaces and degradation of residues and coatings right up to the edges.

The special dust hood RS-60-020 with front opening, allows edge and angle machining, whereby the mounted brush ring prevents unwanted dust outflow.


Diamond Grinding disc

Grinding evens out concrete, stone surfaces, granite, and hard surfaces.

AT-DRC-60-R PCD Diamond-sanding plate

It has round head PCD segments for effective removal, removal of fillers, adhesive tough paints, and solid coatings.

AT-DRC-60-S PCD Diamond-sanding plate

With PCD pointed shape segments for removal, removal of epoxy, plastic coatings.

AT-DRS-60-F Diamond Disc PCD fine

Protruding, angular PCD segments for removing paint and soft materials.


  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Handle extension
  • Slim motor housing with electronic drive BRUSHLESS
  • Metal dust cover with connection for industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Dust-free work. No dust clouds!
  • Ideal for edge and corner machining thanks to the front opening 
  • Infinitely variable speed regulation ensures high flexibility
  • Gentle on the surface
  • Safety regulations must be observed in accordance with the operating instructions!


Power 1.32 kW
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz, 16A
Motor Speed 2’800 – 10’000 rpm (infinitely adjustable)
Grinding Plate 60 mm
Weight 3.7 kg
Delivery content Handheld Grinder RS-60-EL-P
Special dust hood with edge opening RS-60-20
Diamond Disc AT-DRC-60-18-6
Operating instructions with safety regulations