Floor Grinder BS-825-EL

Motor/ Power 15 kW (Electric)
Voltage 400V
Speed of rotation 120-840 RPM
Working Width 825 mm
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Floor Grinding and Polishing machine BS-825-EL-PRO with High Precision Planetary Gear and Powerful Drive. Ideal for large Surfaces.


  • Renovation of old floors
  • Fine grinding and polishing
  • Leveling of uneven spots
  • Polishing and Grinding of concrete surfaces
  • Removing of adhesive residues, painting, coatings, putty, epoxy and cement slurry

Fine Grinding of concrete.

Grinding concrete surfaces.


With 3 counter rotating Planetary Heads and 9 Diamond Segments the machine has an optimal Power transmission to the Ground. Resulting in high grinding Removal and full field coverage.


  • Important: Gear unit hermetically sealed and dustproof
  • High and ergonomic Comfort
  • Rotation Regulation for grinding and polishing
  • Flexible tool plate Holder
  • Integrated water tank with control lever for wet and dry applications
  • Vibrations reducing solid rubber Wheels
  • Compact and robust steel Body design
  • Fast Tool Change on job site with “Easy-Click”
Switch box

Electric motor with on/off button, speed control and emergency Stop function

Suction port
Connection for industrial vacuum cleaner for low-dust work
Dust protection

For an almost dust-free work

Adjustable height

Height adjustable for good comfort

Additional weights

Variable grinding pressure thanks to additional weights

Rubber wheels

For smooth running


Additional wheel for easier transport

Integrated water tank

Integrated water tank with 34

litre capacity

Edge processing

Housing opening for close-to-edge use

Approach rollers
Milling and Grindng up to the Edge with Airtec Concrete Grinders

For working close to walls and edges



Aggressive removal of thick  and sticky coatings, adhesives. Leaves a course profile.


Removal of glue, thin coatings and paint. With special support Diamonds to prevent scratches.


Removal, grinding of paint, glue, adhesives. Leaves fine smooth surfaces.


Metal bond Diamond Segment for work on concrete, leveling surfaces, joints and etc.


Bush hammer rolls

AIRTEC tool plate with bush hammer rolls (BS-825-707-ROL), ideal for removing markings


Motor/ Power15 kW (Electric)
Voltage3 x 400V / 50 Hz / 32A
Speed of rotation120-840 RPM
Working Width825 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)2500 x 880 x 1210 mm
Weight555 kg
Suction Tube Ø51 mm / 75 mm Tube
Basic equipmentBS-825-EL with 3 standard Toolholders (BS-825-079)
 equipped with 9 Segments (AT-CA-6H)
 Water Tank 34 liters
 with plug, without cable
 Hexagon spanner
 Operating manual and spare parts list
 Audit Log und Warranty Certificate