Special Accessories

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  • Steel Wire Brush ES-200-901

    The Brush made from high treated steel wire with a width of 200 mm and a Ø of 125 mm, with 0.63 mm thick wire is the ideal tool for Cleaning, Deburring and dust removal after the Roughening or Scabbling work with the ES-200 machine, CHEMICAL RESISTANCE.

  • Silicium Brush ES-200-909

    This Brush bonded with Silicium Carbide is used for applications like dust removal, loosening dust particles in connection with a vaccuum. The Brush is waterresistant.

    Width 200 mm, Ø 135 mm, Filament Ø 1.5 mm

  • Nylon Brush ES-200-912

    Nylon Brush with 200 mm width, for fine surface Cleaning, Removal of Dust particles, Polishing surfaces, also for Wood surfaces.

  • Diamond Brush ES-200-909D

    Diamond-Filaments combine the charachteristics of Grinding Stones with those of a brush.

    Application: Removal of Dust particles, Cleaning and Polishing Concrete, Granite, Stone and Marble Floors. Width 200 mm, GRAIN 60