Special Accessories ES-200

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  • Steel Wire Brush ES-200-901

    The Brush made from high treated steel wire, is the ideal assistant and tool for  Floor Cleaning, Deburring and Contamination removal after the Roughening or Scabbling work with the ES-200 machine.

    Total width 200 mm and  Ø 125 mm, with Steel wire 0.63 mm


  • Silicium Brush ES-200-909

    This Brush bonded with Silicium Carbide is used for applications like Dirt removal, loosening dust particles in connection with a vacuum. The Brush is water resistant.

    Width 200 mm, Ø 135 mm, Filament Ø 1.5 mm

  • Nylon Brush ES-200-912

    Nylon Brush for fine surface Cleaning, Removal of Dirt particles, Polishing surfaces, also for Wood surfaces.

    Width 200 mm, Ø 135 mm

  • Diamond Brush ES-200-909D

    Diamond-Filaments combine the characteristics of Grinding Stones with those of a brush.
    Applications: Removal of Dirt and Contamination particles, Cleaning and Polishing Concrete, Granite, Stone and Marble Floors.

    Width 200 mm, Ø 135 mm, GRAIN 60