Floor Grinder BS-270-EL

Motor 2.2 kW (Electric)
Voltage/ Power 230V / 400V
Speed of rotation 1’500 RPM
Working Width 270 mm

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The AIRTEC BS-270-EL is an excellent light-weight Machine for concrete cleaning and grinding, quick and easy removal of coatings and adhesives. The ideal equipment to deliver the best possible Surface Preparation before the application of a new coating. The Machine is designed for contractors who need a light-weight machine for small and medium sized jobs.


  • Removing coatings, glue, adhesives.
  • Cleaning dirty surfaces, build-ups, concrete, asphalt or even wood panels
  • Abrading latex, mastics, sealers, adhesives.
  • Smoothing rough concrete surfaces, rain marks.
  • Leveling high spots on concrete.
  • Texturing slippery floors.
Grinder in Action Smoothening of concrete surface. Picture from THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO PERFECT SURFACES

Smoothening of concrete surface.

Concrete Grinding: Removal of thin coating. Picture from THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO PERFECT SURFACES

Removal of thin coating.


The BS-270 uses a horizontally rotating plate with 4 diamond tools to level, smooth and remove the top surface of concrete or asphalt. Dust shroud opens for grinding to the edge, corners and around columns.


Standard BS-270 Magnetic Disc 

Article-No.: BS-270-240

Standard- Segment AT-CA-6H

Article-No.: AT-CA-6H


  • Working width 270 mm with 4 diamond tools.
  • For instant change of diamond tools on job site: “Easy-Click”
  • The Tool Holder is designed to fit with magnetic adapters 4 diamond tools.
  • Removable side plate for edge cleaning work.
  • The Axel height is easily adjusted for the operators ease of use.
  • Steal body construction.
  • Excellent dust control with the effective shroud with vacuum port will keep the working environment clean and away from abrasive dust particles.
Switch box Schneider

Schneider Electric motor with on/off button, traction drive, emergency Stop function

Switch box

Electric motor with on/off button, traction drive, emergency Stop function

Suction port

Connection for industrial vacuum cleaner  for low-dust work

Operating handlebars

Height-adjustable with levers on both sides for good working comfort

Edge processing

Housing opening for close-to-edge use



Model with speed regulation

Switch box with frequency converter

Emergency Stop function, on/off button, speed regulation


Special equipment for Marking Removal


Accelerates the sanding dust exhaust air to the industrial vacuum cleaner.


VariationsMotorVoltage/ PowerSpeed of rotation
Standard 230 V2.2 kW230V / 50 Hz / 16A1’500 RPM
Standard 400 V2.2 kW400V / 50 Hz / 16A1’500 RPM

VD with speed control

Motor2.2 kW
Voltage/ Power230V / 50 Hz / 16A, 400V / 50 Hz / 16A
Speed of rotation300 – 1’800 RPM

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Working Width270 mm
Numbers of Segments4
Suction port Ø44 mm
Weight53 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)970 x 490 x 1140 mm
Delivery contentBS-270 (230 V or 400 V)
 1 standard Magnet disc (BS-270-240) with 4 Segmenten (AT-CA-6H)
 5.5 metre power cable and plug
 Double-ended ring spanner
 Operating manual and spare parts list
 Audit Log und Warranty Certificate

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230 V, 400 V, SPC 230 V