HMT-8.55/25 Tungsten Carbide Tipped Flail / Cutter


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8-Tungsten Tips, T.C.T. 

Roughening, Grooving, Preparing, Scabbling, Cleaning of Concrete and Asphalt, Removal of coatings.

Outer Ø 55 mm
Inner Ø 25 mm
Thickness 6 mm
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Tungsten Tipped Cutter, Ø 55 mm
These tough tools are used for:

  • Roughening, scabbling and cleaning concrete and asphalt
  • Removal of traffic lines, coatings
  • Cleaning of stone sufaces 
  • Grooving of concrete and asphalt
  • Heavy milling of concrete


ex Factory in Zunzgen, Switzerland (ex. VAT, Package):
2.00 CHF per Piece when 100+ pc. ordered 
1.50 CHF per Piece when 1’000+ pc. ordered