Floor Milling Machine ES-200 Euro-Sprint

Motor/ Power 2.2 kW (Electric) /

5.5 HP (Gasoline)

Voltage 230V / 400V
Working width 200 mm
Weight 53 – 59 kg

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Light and handy scarifier: Environmentally-friendly and in accordance with the required profile. Continuous depth settings from fine to coarse. Wide range of tools for every purpose. Very Operator friendly!


  • Roughening of concrete surfaces and asphalt.
  • Scabbling of concrete, asphalt, level differences, rubber deposits, plastic coatings and dirt crusts.
  • Removing of old coats of paint, thermoplastic material, hard tops, tennis courts and sports grounds.
  • Safety Grooving where it is Needed! Ramps, Barns, Walking Areas for People, Animals and Cars.
  • Erasing Traffic Lines, Paint Stripes.
  • Derusting of ship decks, tanks and containers.
  • Cleaning of industrial floors, ramps, driveways, parking areas and cleaning out Cracks and Joints.
  • Brushing Stone, Terrazzo, Tile Floors and Parquet.
  • Cutting of seams in concrete and wood (grooving).
  • Milling of asphalt surfaces.
  • Chipping off rolling skin and incrustations.
  • Renovation of flat roofs, terraces, wooden surfaces, ship decks and bridges.
Scabbling, scarifying, grooving, removal of Concrete.

Scabbling, scarifying, grooving, removal of Concrete.

Concrete Scarifying machine roughening concrete surfaces. Picture of the concret before and after and the Drum with the used cutters.

Removal of spillage, paint, thin coatings.

Cutting and preparing parquet for removal with a Floor-Stripper. 


Rasping and milling wheels, loosely placed on a rotating work drum, thorough yet gentle rasping and milling off of adhesive, rubber, concrete slurry, uneven spots and old coatings. Hourly rates of 30-50 qm depending on the type of surface (steel, concrete, stone, wood or asphalt).


Standard ES-200 drum

Article-No.: ES-200-520-1

Standard cutter: HMT-5.40

Article-No.: AT-999-605


  • Strong, solid welded steel construction designed for robust use.
  • With connection for industrial vacuum. EMERGENCY-OFF safety switch.
  • Depth achievement and contact pressure of the rasping and milling wheels can be precisely adjusted with the rotary disk.
  • Adjustable guiding grip allows work very close to the wall.
  • Sturdily dimensioned rubber wheels provide a high degree of operating convenience.
Switch box Schneider

Schneider Electric motor with on/off button, emergency Stop function

Switch box

Electric motor with on/off button, emergency Stop function

Drum control

Drum lever for quick and controlled lift-off

Adjustable height

Adjustable milling depth

Wheel stopper

For a safe transport and good grip on sloping surfaces

Suction port

Connection for industrial vacuum cleaner  for low-dust work

Quick-change system

For a quick and effortless drum change on site

Working Width

200 mm Drum with additional borings for double life

Special Drum

For the removal of traffic markings with adjustable working width


Additional Wheels

For more Balance and easy handling

Level adjustment

Compensates for height differences of up to 2 cm

AIRTEC Pointer​

For the accurate removing of road markings

Shock Absorber

To avoid unwanted contacts and damages

Edge Milling

AIRTEC special drum and attachment for working close to edges and walls

Edge Milling Drum

With 4 axles and 28 cutters

Edge Milling Unit

External edge milling machine

Edge Milling Unit

Internal edge milling machine


VariationsMotor/ PowerVoltage
Standard 230V2.2 kW230V / 50 Hz / 16A
Standard 400V2.2 kW400V / 50 Hz / 16A
Standard Petrol EngineHonda Gasoline5.5 HP
All Machines 
Working Width200 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)900 x 360 x 1000 mm
Weight53 – 59 kg
Suction Tube Ø38 mm / 51 mm Tube
Basic equipmentES-200-EL or ES-200-B with 1 standard drum (ES-200-520-1)
 equipped with 1 Set HMT-5.40 and spacers
 5.5 metre power cable and plug
 Operating manual and spare parts list
 Audit Log und Warranty Certificate

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ES-200-B, ES-200-EL, ES-200-EL-230-9, ES-200-EL-230-CH, ES-200-EL-400-9