Floor Grinder BS-340-EL
with Swivel Head for Edge Working

Motor/ Power 5.5 kW (Electric)
Voltage 3 x 400V
Speed of rotation 350 -1’000 RPM
Working Width 340 mm
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The BS-340-EL floor grinding machine offers a significant leap in performance in the field of professional substrate preparation and rehabilitation. The compact and powerful floor machine achieves the best results in standard use. The innovative swivel head function for back-friendly left- and right-sided edge working is highly appreciated by users. The swivel head function undoubtedly sets new standards in terms of quality, flexibility and work performance in the machining of edge zones. For the individual areas of application, you will find coordinated AIRTEC diamond tools in our offer.


  • Removal of unevenness, coatings, glue, paint, filler, markings and PVC coatings
  • Cleaning and roughening concrete surfaces.
  • Peeling of foam backing.
  • Grinding and roughening of medium-sized surfaces.
  • Milling and grinding of concrete, screed and natural stone
  • WORK ON EDGE AREAS up to the wall

Back-friendly use on the right-hand side.


Machine positions for surface use.

Back-friendly use on the left-hand side.


The unique swivel head enables back-friendly work on both sides to the edge! The “Robust Drive”, the easy adjustment of the swivel head, the infinitely variable speed regulation, as well as the connection option for industrial vacuum cleaners are further advantages of the BS-340-EL floor grinding machine.


Aggressive removal of coatings, adhesives and filler.

Removal of glue and paint, nevertheless aggressive removal of cement and concrete.


Removal of paints, adhesive residues, paint layers.


Diamond tools for flooring, raw concrete, tiles, and general grinding work.


  • Strong, solid steel welded construction designed for robust use.
  • Adjustable guide handle for the best working posture.
  • Swivel head function allows very close work to walls.
  • Speed regulation for optimal working results.
  • Vacuum cleaner connection for almost dust-free work.
  • Simple operation with minimal vibration.
  • Fast tool change on construction sites – “EASY-CLICK”!
Swivel head adjustment

Easy handling for changing the position of the swivel head

Edge processing

Housing opening on both sides for close-to-edge use

Tool Plate

Tool Plate with 6 segments for high work performance and quick change thanks to “EASY-CLICK”

Use of bush hammer rolls
Rollertec 2 for Marking removal with a concrete floor grinding Machine

AIRTEC tool plate with bush hammer rolls (BS-340-5022), ideal for removing markings

Switch box

Electric motor with on/off button, speed control, emergency Stop function and power connection


Metal box with cooling slots and built-in frequency inverter with speed display

Adjustable guide handle

For a user-friendly operating height

Suction port

Connection for industrial vacuum cleaner  for low-dust work

Rubber wheels

Smooth running due to rubber wheels

Tread bar

Step bar makes it easier to lift the machine for tool changes and transport


Folding drawbar ensures easy transport


Motor/ Power5.5 kW (Electric)
Voltage3 x 400V / 50/60Hz / 16A
Speed of rotation350 -1’000 UpM
Working width340 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)1320 x 510 x 1000 mm
Weight135 kg (Standard equipment)
Suction Tube Ø38 mm / 51 mm Tube
Basic equipmentBS-340-EL with 1 standard Toolholder (BS-340-070)
 equipped with 6 Segments (AT-CA-6H)
 with plug, without cable
 Hexagon spanner
 Operating manual and spare parts list
 Audit Log und Warranty Certificate