Concrete- and Floor Milling Machine SM-400 Shave-Master

Motor/ Power 18 kW (Electric)
Voltage 400V
Traction drive hydrostatic, self-propelled
Working Width 400 mm
Weight 690 kg
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Built for high Performance on big areas. The new SM-400 Machine is a further development of the already powerful line of SM-320. With that knowledge and experience this Power House with a 400 mm Working width was designed. 


  • Renovation of industrial floors
  • Coating removal
  • Safetey grooving
  • Epoxy screed removal
  • Aggregate exposure
  • Lippage removal
  • Tolerance works
  • Eliminate trip hazards

Cutting large and fast on 400 mm width.

Cutting up to 30 mm deep right away, depending on ground hardness.


The Shave-Master SM-400 works on the same principle as the RM-400. The drum is enclosed in the main body of the machine and rotates at high speed. The difference is that the drum is made up of a number of “Diamond Blades” which produce fast and efficient results on different surfaces.


According to the job the drums can be assembled in different ways. With compact assembling whole layers can be removed.

Diamond Blade

Ø 350 mm

30 Diamond Blades

Assembling:  “compact”


  • Dust Free when attached to a suitable vacuum unit
  • Self Propelled electric/hydrostatic drive controls
  • Variable cutting depth up to 30 mm according to concrete hardness
  • Height adjustable and anti-vibration handles
  • Heavy duty welded steel construction.
Switch box

Electric motor with on/off button, emergency Stop function

Drum control

Drum lever for quick and controlled lift-off

Adjustable height

Adjustable milling depth

Speed control

Forwards and backwards, infinitely adjustable


Precise adherence to the milling direction and high manoeuvrability

Suction port

Connection for industrial vacuum cleaner  for low-dust work

Drive unit

Hydrostatic drive, fully encapsulated


User protection with optimum safety thanks to emergency stop function


VariationsMotor/ PowerSpannung 
Standard 400V18 kW400V / 50 Hz / 63A
Working Width400 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)1900 x 750 x 1070 mm
Poids690 kg
Weight690 kg
Suction Tube Ø51 mm / 75 mm Tube
Traction drivehydrostatic, self-propelled
Basic equipmentSM-400 with 1 Standard Drum (SM-400-500)
 equipped with 30 Diamond Discs SM-400-910 (Ø 350mm) and 88 spacers
 5 metre power cable and plug
 Hexagon spanner
 Operating manual and spare parts list
 Audit Log und Warranty Certificate

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