Needle Scaler AT-2-K

Air Consumption 195 l/min
Pressure 6 – 8 bar
Blows per Min. 4850
Needle length 150 mm
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Needle Scaler AT-2-K short front tube with 150mm Needles. Air-Powered Tool suitable for removal of paint, rust and coatings from steel and concrete surfaces. Standard Needle Scalers are supplied with Round Front Tube. This allows to concentrate the needle coverage and avoids needle bending.


  • Removing rust corrosion
  • Descaling Paint
  • Removal Edge cleaning
  • Weld cleaning
  • Scabbling concrete.

Optional Needles: Flat tip beryllium copper (non sparking, 180 mm) for potentially explosive areas.


Cleaning of Awkward Hard to reach corners, pipe joints and edges. Needles are available with diameters of 2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm. When placing your order please indicate the diameter. Needles can be fitted on any toolsize with the corresponding needle holder. Quick Needle change on the job site. In seconds every Needle Scaler can be converted to a powerful Chisel Hammer.


needels of scaler


Air Consumption 135 l/min
Pressure 6 – 8 bar
Blows per Min. 4850
Port G 1/4″ plug nipple
Weight 2.5 kg
Quantity of Needles 2mm 51
Quantity of Needles 3mm 19
Quantity of Needles 4mm 12
Needle length 150 mm