Floor Grinder BS-440-EL

Motor 2.2 kW, 5.5 kW (Electric)
Voltage 230V and 400V
Motor Speed 354 – 1’460 rpm
Working Width 440 mm

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The Powerful Floor Grinder with Pressure Adjustment. The BS-440 is extremely aggressive, but floor friendly in removal of all types of thick coatings, underlayments and high spots in floors. Ideally suitable for fast and efficient operation in average and large premises. BS-440-EL puts your floors to success.


  • Removing adhesives, paint, glue, tough floor coatings, contamination.
  • Grinding natural stone, mastics, concrete surface, granite.
  • Leveling uneven concrete surface, high spots, scratches and grooves.

Smoothening of concrete surface.

Works up to the edge.


Dust shroud for almost dustfree grinding. The tougher the grinding or cleaning the better the dust extractor needs to be. Ideally suitable for fast and efficient operation in average and large premises.



Aggressive removal of thick  and sticky coatings, adhesives. Leaves a course profile.


Removal of glue, thin coatings and paint. With special support Diamond to prevent scratches.


Removal, grinding of paint, glue, adhesives. Leaves fine smooth surfaces.


Metal bond Diamond Segment for work on concrete, leveling surfaces, joints and etc.

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  • Working width 440 mm with 4 to 8 diamond tools on a plate.
  • For instant change of diamond tools on job site: “Easy-Click”
  • The Tool Holder is designed to fit with magnetic adapters 4 to diamond tools.
  • Steal body construction.
  • Excellent dust control with the effective shroud with vacuum port will keep the working environment clean and away from abrasive dust particles.
Switch box

ON-OFF Button, emergency Stop.

Dust control

Suction pipe for industrial VAC.

Handle assembly

With hand levers, height adjustment.

Edge grinding

Opening for Edge Grinding. Easy stand-up work.

Grinding pressure
Easy adjustment of from fine-to-aggressive
Rubber wheels

Easy operation thanks to robust rubber wheels

Easy transporation

Easy disassembling and lifting


Motor 2.2 kW
Voltage 230V / 50/60 Hz, 16A
Rotation Speed 354 rpm
Motor 5.5 kW
Voltage 400V / 50Hz, 10A
Rotation Speed 1’460 rpm
All machines
Working Width 440 mm
Number of Segments 4 and 8 pcs.
Vacuum Port Ø 70 mm
Weight 106 kg
Dimensions 47 x 101 x 97 cm
Delivery content BS-440, Floor Grinder 230 V or 400 V
Emergency Switch, 1 Key
1 working plate with 4 segments AT-CA-6H
Operating manual and spare parts list
Audit Log und Warranty Certificate

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230 V, 400 V, SPC 230 V