Extendo® EX-4 Long Reach Scaler / Scraper

Air consumption 234 l/min
Pressure 6 – 8 bar
Port G 1/4″ claw coupling
Extension 2 x 415 mm
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Air-operated Long Reach Scalers / Scrapers are built to reduce any risk of backache or injury. In Addition their use is considerably extended, as you will dispose of 3 Tools in One!


  • Stripping Ceramic Tiles and Rubber Plates, Roofing Material, Material Buildup, Rust and Scale, Carpeting
  • Removing Coatings and peeling Linoleum from Floors, Mastics, Insulation
  • Chipping away Concrete, Asphalt, Slag, hardened Deposits, Roofing Shingles
  • Also ideal for Applications on Storage tanks, Platforms, Ships and other Underwater applications

Tile Stripping.

Plasterwork removal.
Chipping away, easy Edge working.

Parquet removal.

Tile stripping. 

Carpet Adhesives removal.


Ergonomic Design, eliminating Backaches. Air-operated impact and peeling tool to remove all kinds of coverings and plaster. Quick change of Chisels and Accessories.


Included in Kit
Great variety of Power Chisels and Blades. – NO. 60 Standard Scraper.
Included in Kit
No. 25 flat chisel
Included in Kit

No. 26 flat chisel

Included in Kit
No. 27 offset chisel

Special Heavy Duty Chisel No. 604 fitted with powerful hard metal teeths for edge working and depth cleaning.


Easily converts to a Long Reach Needle Scaler or a Bush hammer with the corresponding Parts.


  • Ruggedly Built
  • All tool parts use special steel, heattreated
  • High Piston Accuracy
  • High Power Performance


Air consumption 234 l/min
Pressure 6 – 8 bar
Port G 1/4″ claw coupling
Weight 8 kg
Delivery content Extendo air-operated Tool
Tool Case PVC (100 x 335 x 475 mm)
Extensions (2 x 415 mm)
No. 60X Scraper
No. 25 flat chisel
No. 26 flat chisel
No. 27 offset chisel
oiler bottle
allen key
Operating manual and spare parts list
Audit Log und Warranty Certificate